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You complete and submit your plan by May, 8th

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1) You complete and submit the plan for your project work by May, 8th

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Anonymous said...

we as group G_I_R_L_S

our subject is past tense.
we first decided to explain what past tense is.then we'll give examples from our childhoods with the help of this we will create "PAST" in their minds.for listening part we'll prepeare a movie.for reading part we'll write a story both including and telling simple the end of this study we'll want them to write a story similiar to ours.and with several short simple past sentences we'll retell the lesson...

#3231070023_Hicran KAVALCIOĞLU
#3231070043_Ayşegül KUTLU
#3231070044_Gizem KANGAL
#3231070055_Gülçin TİRELİOĞLU

Anonymous said...

We are Competitive Girls.
Our subject is Demonstrative pronouns.
We will explain demonstrative pronouns with pictures so that the childeren can understand easily.We'll create some examples from the daily life to make vivid the subject for reading part.For listening we'll present the pronunciation of the demonstrative pronouns and some jokes.We'll prepare crossword puzzles including some other pronouns and some worksheets.
3231070025-Mevlüde Tartuk
3231070009-Derya Yurtseven
3231070061-Burcu Ergül

Anonymous said...

-Group Conditionals
-Members of the Group Conditionals:
Ahmet Çağrı ÖZTÜRK
Ferhat BIYIK
İsmail Atahan ÖZMEN

1- A reading passage which contains conditionals.
2- Teaching the grammatical points of conditionals with a slide show.
3- Exercises for conditionals.
- Put the words in correct order to make conditional clauses.
- Read the passage above and try to make as many conditional clauses as possible using the information in the passage.
4- Context 1: Divide the class into two student groups. Give cards on which examples of conditional clauses are written to the first group. To the second group give cards on which examples of main clauses suitable for conditionals are written. Then let students mingle and mix with each other shout their sentences so that they can find the correct sentence which matches one another in terms of grammar and meaning.
-Context 2: Divide the class into two student groups. Give a conditional sentence to the first group and to the second group a main clause. Afterward, ask them to produce as many complete conditionals as possible using the given sentence and by making their own sentences which fit the given sentence in terms of both grammar and meaning.
Example: to the first group,
If I study,….
To the second group,
I can spend my holiday in London,……..
Students are to fill in the gaps. When they are ready, teacher evaluates the sentences. The group which has more grammatically correct and meaningful sentences will be the winner of the competition.
5- Watching a video about conditionals all together and discussing it in the aftermath of watching.
6- Speaking activity: preparing a debate which students will discuss. The debate topic is: “Is grammar necessary?” Divide the class into two student groups ask the students to defend their viewpoins using conditionals. Make them feel free and don’t interfere with their sentences. Let the students know that using conditionals is one of the criteria on the basis of which their performance will be evaluated.
7- Reading a poem with conditionals and discussing the conditionals in the poem.
8- Listening: a song which contains many conditional sentences.
Note: The lesson plan was desinged for advanced learners of The English Language.

oguzcan said...

Group Name: Ebullient Teachers
Group Members: Ece Nur Çevik #3231070054, Merve Acar #3231070047, Oğuzcan Yavaş #3231070004
Our Subject: Imperatives
Lesson Plan:

We start by giving brief information about the subject with using slide shows. Then we will use some context:
1)We will use cartoons in which there will be soldiers and their commanders. The commenders give orders and directions to the soldiers.
2)We aim to teach with fun, therefore we will prepare a puzzle about imperatives.
3)We use songs. We have the songs listened, then filled in the blanks which are related to imperatives.
4)We will also use two different videos. One is about taking a movie and the other one is about a child game. Our aim to using these videos is to provide students with lasting learning. Because we know that visuals are important in teaching English Grammar.
5) We also will find or create some user's guide and work on them to explain the imperatives.

Anonymous said...

our subject is prepositions

We will explain prepositions with pictures so that the students can understand easily and so they don't forget the examples and he meanings of prepositions. and we will prepare a puzzle for prepositions

3231070069 Nteniz CHATZICHALIL
3231070051 Fulya Lisa NEUBERT
3231070033 Selnur TOKSOY

Anonymous said...

GROUP NAME: family guys
#3231070057 Ezgi BEKTAS
#3231070016 Ece ÜNAL
#3131070035 M.Özgür KURAL
TOPIC: quantifiers

* What will we do?
-We will explain what quantifiers are and how/where they are used.
-We will give some example sentences and support them with pictures.(e.g. our sentence is "there are a lot of strawberries".we will put a pic of 20 strawberries above.)
-We will write a short text including quantifiers so that learners find them out.
-We will prepare a video in which a little girl learns how to make a cake.her mother gives instructions and tells her the quantity of ingredients.
-We will prepare an exercises part in which there are some visual patterns,tests and "fill in the blank" part.

Anonymous said...

At first we'll give basic information about the subject(past progressing tense)then we will clarify it with videos and pictures,and compare it with now.For reading part we will prepare some texts about it and now and compare them,for listening part a passage full of past progressive tense structers

3231070019 mehmet KARAMAN
3231070045 nejdet YARGI
3231070053 ismail ÇİÇEK

Anonymous said...

Group name: BuLLsEyE
-3231070036 Ömer KARABACAK
-3231070038 Akif Yavuz ÖZDEMİREL
-3231070070 Esma ŞAŞMAZ

SUBJECT: Phrasal Verbs


An attractive introduction to phrasal verbs with the usage of slides and videos. Visualising is important in order to learn effectively and easily, so everything is going to be visualised.


Practical exercises using powerpoint presentation. We are going to use a synthesis of more then two types of exercises supported by visual items. In addition, with the tone of a native speaker, a listening and understanding part is going to be used.

Anonymous said...


Fırat Özkanlı:3231070032
Gamze Ekmekcioglu:3231070007
İsmail kalkan:3231070017


Subject:Relative Clauses


Firstly,we aim to teach our subject with examples,videos,slayts,short stories,funny puzzles and contexes which don’t include only grammer itself.Because giving only grammer makes children bored,simple contexes which inlude daily life's examples and funny exercises will be our main concept to teach relative clauses to children.In additıon,we plan to act short theatres or prepare theatres for children to play to be able to feel the subject while learning it.Furthermore,we believe,the puzzles and theatres are going to make the children active instead of teacher in class.What is more,with the help of videos and short stories,we believe,the children will expand their imagination.Lastly,with slayt shows we plan to tell the subject without wasting time,energy and without turning our back to children which means to be able to use eye contact.
NOTE:we will explain our evaluated contexes with their contents soon.

Anonymous said...

Group Name:clickonus
#3231070056 Gökhan SOYSAL
#3231070071 Burak PUSAT
Topic:Defining Words

-Lesson Plan-
1-We start with giving the basic grammatical information about ''defining words'' in a slide show. At the same time, we give handouts of the slide show to the students. So, they have a material to study on later.
2-We explain each defining word by means of its meaning and where and when it is being used.
3-We create contexes in which students can understand the topic better.
4-To make the students practice the subject, we prepare workshits in which there are various exercises. First they do the exercises theirselves, then we do together and help them to see and correct their mistakes.
5-We read a text in which there are a lot of defining words. Then we analyze them in the text.
6-Finally, we play a game in which we create very very long sentences by using defining words. Of course, who makes the longest sentence will be the winner, because it will also be a kind of competition between students :)

Anonymous said...

TOPIC:Present Perfect Tense

#3231070001 Merve BAYIR
#3231070010 Gizem KESKİN
#3231070060 Ekinsu EMİR

-Firstly,we will intruduce the main points of present perfect tense with attractive powerpoint slides which children can listen with joy while learning.
-Then,as an activity, we will prepare some cartoons which include subjects, helping verb(have,has),past participle verbs,and some objects which are related with given verbs.Some volunteer students come and choose the cartoons to make a correct present perfect sentence.After that,according to the student’s sentence,we can make assumptions about her personality or her mood and whether they understand this subject or not.
-Second activity;again one volunteer student from the classroom comes, then she goes out.After a while , when she comes, the teacher says ‘’She has come.’’ .If she came two days ago,we wolud use the simple past tense.’’She came two days ago.’’
-We will watch a short video with students about the present perfect tense,then discuss about what are the usage of these sentences.
-We will tell a story that includes sentences in present perfect tense to make the subject more clear.
-The students will listen the song including many present perfect tenses in it and they will learn while enjoying themselves

Anonymous said...

3231070013 Emine Arslan
3231070024 Selim Özbay
3231070029 Demet Okyay
-We will prepare a video or story in which a father introduce their relatives to his childrens.As an example(father says to his children): He is my father. So he is your grandfather
-After teaching grammatical points of pronouns, we will play a game which enables our students to practise their new knowledge
-Again we may teach our topic to our students effectively by utilizing an argument for sharing our belongings. (it is my pencil.No it is mine)
-Apart from these we will prepare visible metarials to get students attention,and other sources for practising like fill in the blanks :)

Anonymous said...

GROUP NAME:Ilovenglish
#3231070042 Ayşegül TEKKE
#3231070028 Elif BURHAN
#3231070034 Ceren DÖĞENCİ


INTRODUCTION:. we'll explain dramaticial structure than we'll give examples and make topic more clear by telling a story.furthermore we'll use visiual effects and chunks.

Anonymous said...

group name: missionimpossible
topic: wish clauses
members:3231070022 Sezgi Erdoğan
3231070052 Hasan Yıldız
3231070062 Nurhan Çökmez

1) We will have an introduction to the topic.Firstly we will explain what 'wish'means and how we can use the wish clauses.
2) We will have an exercise part where students can practise how to use the wish clauses.
3) We will use some pictures.These visuals will help students to understand the topic better.
4) We will prepare a video in which wish clauses are used.
5) We will prepare some cartoons.
6) Lastly we will have a listening part which will be a song.

Anonymous said...

group name:biz are bees
3231070018 B�ra KAYA
3231070031 Elifnur BOZER
3231070046 Sevil �DE
1.firstly we will explain our topic grammaticaly.
2.we will prepare a reading part which includes story
3.a listening part will be in our project
3. we will have some activities which will help students understand the subject totally

Anonymous said...


#3231070006 AHMET GÜNERİ
#3231070065 MINCHEOL CHOI
#3231060078 İLKİN MEMMEDOV


PLAN:1)We are going to explain general grammatical structures of DRCT and INDRCT speech with PPT file.
-We expect learners will be able to understand the general meaning of DRCT and INDRCT speech
-Also learners will understand how can we use DRCT and INDRCT speech.

PLAN2:We are going to tell a story and we will use a song while teaching this grammatical structure..

PLAN3:We will choose some students and use them while teaching..

We expect learners will be able to use DRCT and INDRCT speech effectively..

Anonymous said...
(passive voices)
3.3231070030-our new member:)-
-what the first thing that should be done is to explain the necessity to learn passive voices..then,the presenter gives informations about the grammatical structures of that subject with the help of characterizing the rules(!)
-then with an imaginary hero or character telling his life depending on our own daily realities and news it will be made more appliable.videos and music will be used for it also..

Anonymous said...

TOPIC:Simle Present Tense

3231070049 Gözde DAĞLI
3231060077 Emine SECHKINA
3231050009 Dilek YILMAZ

1)We are going to tell the students simple present tense.
2)We mostly use pictures telling this subject.We have a main charecter,a baby kangaroo.Its name is ''DO''.It has a headband.''ES'' is written on its headband.
Our hero,''DO'' begins telling simple present tense by giving examples of its name and headband.
3)There is a short slide about DO's life.
4)Lastly,we will give interesting and easy examples.

Anonymous said...

TOPIC:Simle Present Tense

3231070049 Gözde DAĞLI
3231060077 Emine SECHKINA
3231050009 Dilek YILMAZ

1)We are going to tell the students simple present tense.
2)We mostly use pictures telling this subject.We have a main charecter,a baby kangaroo.Its name is ''DO''.It has a headband.''ES'' is written on its headband.
Our hero,''DO'' begins telling simple present tense by giving examples of its name and headband.
3)There is a short slide about DO's life.
4)Lastly,we will give interesting and easy examples.

Anonymous said...

GROUP MEMBERS:#3231070002 tuğba aydın #3231070008 tuğçe aydın #3231070020 fatma temir
SUBJECT:Present Contiuous Tense

At first,We can give grammatical structure of present continuous tense.Then,we will examplify it with the dialogues and visualize it with the videos.We will try to find songs where this kind of tense is frequently used and we also add some games or puzzles about the topic.

Anonymous said...

We, as [b]LegebdaryBoys[b] will try to, enable the students use Present Perfect Tense freely in the clasroom, notice the differences between thesimple past tense and the present perfect tense, use right grammatical use of the tense, participate in group activities by using the tense, their creativity and productivity as much as possible, use the tense in both spoken and the written language, use the tense appropriately and efficiently in a communicative situation. We will use numerous videos, songs, reading texts and pictures that will atract students attention by their entertaining aspects...

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