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You elaborate your preparation and submit your report on May, 15th

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2) You elaborate your preparation and submit your report on May, 15th

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Anonymous said...


First of all, the lesson plan for Conditionals was designed for the advanced learners of The English language, who do already have basic knowledge about the topic Conditionals. For this reason, we planned to start our lesson by having learners read a text, which contains exemplary sentences of the topic Conditionals. Since the learners already know some basic knowledge about the topic, they will become more familiar with conditionals and they will also be able to re-notice and re-structure Conditionals on their own. As they re-notice and re-structure Conditionals, they will become more familiar with the topic and more self-sufficient regarding the usage of Conditionals in real life. Secondly, we go on teaching the grammatical points of Conditionals with the help of a slide show(power point). While we teach, we try to put emphasis on how Conditionals are grammatically structured. We also try to help students analyse different types of Conditionals. We benefited from some images and pictures in the slide show so that we could visualise what we teach. Thirdly, we thought that to have students do some exercises related to Conditionals will be a good idea. In the first exercise, students are asked to put the words in correct order so that they can make conditional sentences. When it comes to the second exercise, students are required to read a short passage and then to make conditional clauses using the information in the passage. In the fourth place, we have come up with 2 contexts. In the first one, we divide the class into two student groups and give cards on which examples of conditional clauses are written to the first group. To the second group, we give cards on which examples of main clauses suitable for conditionals are written. Then we let students mingle and mix with each other and shout their sentences so that they can find the correct sentence which matches one another in terms of grammar and meaning. In the seocond context, we divide the class into two student groups again and give a conditional sentence to the first group and to the second group a main clause. Afterwards, we ask them to produce as many complete conditionals as possible using the given sentence and by making their own sentences which match the given sentence in terms of both grammar and meaning. Furthermore, we prepared a video like a play which we used conditional sentences. We are going to watch the video and discuss the conditional clauses used in the video. In the aftermath of watching the video, we are going to let learners have a debate on the topic of “Is grammar necessary?”. We divide the class into two student groups and ask them to defend their viewpoins using conditionals and learners are informed that using conditionals is one of the criteria on the basis of which their performance will be evaluated. Netx, we read a poem with conditional clauses and discuss it all together. Eventually, we finalize the lessson listening to a song. While they listen, they can also read the lyrics of the song.

Members of The Group:
Ahmet Çağrı ÖZTÜRK
Ferhat BIYIK
İsmail Atahan ÖZMEN

Anonymous said...

*At thee beginning,we will start with basic information about past continuous tense.This contains usage of the tense,key words[example:when,while,as..]and importance of it in daily language.
*Then we will try to clarify the topic by comparing it with present continuous tense.but the students are required to have background information about present continuous tense.That part includes some pictures,videos and voice records which are all about that topic
*There will be ''Fill in the blanks'' text which help the students to improve their acknowledges of the tense.
*We will give them some exercises containing conjunctions such as''While he was reading book,his father was watching television.''and also those exercises will be showed in videos.
*For listening part,we will give a passage containing lots of past progressive tense structures.that passage can be funny story.Finally,there will be a mini test including 10 to 15 questions related to that topic.

3231070053:İSMAİL ÇİÇEK
3231070045:NEJDET YARGI

Anonymous said...

Group members: 3231070022 SEZGİ ERDOĞAN
3231070052 HASAN YILDIZ
3231070062 NURHAN ÇÖKMEZ


*INTRODUCTION: We'll explain the topic in a detailed way for beginners.The topic will be illustrated in an effective and comprehensive way,but not with trivial information.
*EXERCISES: In this part we'll have a'match the sentences' activity.In addition to that,there will be an activity which requires contextualizing the given situation.For example,there'll be pictures and we'll want from the students to create sentences about the situations.We'll also have an rewrite exercise.Another activity will be a dialogue in which the student has to find the correct word form of the wish clauses.
*PICTURES: In this part we want to visualize the topic.By putting pictures and their appropriate sentence in an activity we aim to teach the topic in a progressive and productive way.Our group will prepare pictures with sentences which will be completed by students.
*SONGS: This listening part will include songs which will be easy to understand.Students can follow the topic from a native speaker's voice.
*CARTOONS and JOKES: This part will have cartoons. In addition,jokes which use the wish clauses will help students to learn in an amusing way.
*VıDEO: We'll prepare a video.In this video we'll be the players.The story is about students which are about to go to an exam.The conversation will be full of their wishes.

Anonymous said...


To teach phrasal verbs as a process and a product we are desıgnıng a slıde show usıng realıa graphıcs. So that the students wıll be famılıar to the content and can contextualıse wıth the new ınformatıon presented to them. We, as a group, belıeve that the students should be able to effectıvely gather up the ınformatıon and put ıt to practıce durıng and outsıde of the classroom…

The lesson begıns wıth a short ıntroductıon to the topıc wıth the help of a slıde show wıth pıctures taken for students to ıdentıfy and guess the meanıng of the phrasal verbs. The slıde show wıll help us explaın how phrasal verbs are formed and the students wıll pıck up and elaborate on what they have learnt.

We are goıng to perform a song whıch fırstly would be sang by us and the lyrıcs wıll be handed out to the students so they can joın ın. Thıs ıs ımportant for the students to be hands on wıth the lesson. The phrasal verbs are goıng to be left out of the lyrıcs and then the students are goıng to be asked to fıll ın the gaps whıle lıstenıng and sıngıng along to the song. Meanwhıle, as they are havıng fun, the students wıll be able to thınk for themselves by explorıng and makıng choıces.

The lesson ıs prepared for ıntermedıate students thus the grammatıcal structures are not the maın area of achıevment we expect from our students, but teachıng them phrasal verbs whıch they can use ın theır daıly lıves ıs the key area of focus.

3231070070 - Esma SASMAZ
3231070038 - A. Yavuz OZDEMIREL
3231070036 - Omer KARABACAK

Anonymous said...

Group Name: Ebullient Teachers
Group Members:
#3231070054-Ece Nur Çevik
#3231070047-Merve Acar
#3231070004-Oğuzcan Yavaş
Our Subject: Imperatives

As we mention about the imperatives for beginners, we will try to explain the subject in an easy and understandable way. New learners of English are not familiar with the subject so instead of using stereotype teaching materials and techniques, we will use beneficial written materials which are about some machines used in our daily lives, games, videos, songs, cartoons so as not to bore pupils. Also, we know the vital importance of visual elements in teaching.

We will make a progress by giving basic information with the help of slideshows.

Cartoons help us while talking about imperatives. The aim of usage of cartoons about soldiers and their commanders is to attract students’ attention.

Then we will create a user’s guide which includes directions and also find a prepared guide belonging to a machine we use daily, therefore we can use lots of imperatives.

We will record two different videos in which we will take roles. One of them is related to a child game and the other one is about filming.

We are thinking of writing a song including imperatives, then we have the song listened the students. After listening, there will be lyrics which some parts of are blanks so they have to fill the blanks and these blanks are related to the imperatives.

Because taking into practice the subject by using a game can be useful and entertaining for students, we prepare a puzzle so that they can exercise the imperatives effectively on it.

At the end of our lesson, we will summarize the imperatives.

Anonymous said...

Group’s name: TRIANGLE of CULTURE

#3231070006 AHMET GÜNERİ
#3231070065 MINCHEOL CHOI
#3231060078 İLKİN MEMMEDOV

By the end of the lesson we want to make our students :
•understand the difference between direct and indirect speech.
•learn how the tense forms changes when we use indirect or reported speech.
•accurately punctuate direct and indirect speech.
•teach how to use place and time expressions in indirect sentences.
•be able to apply this knowledge in their writing.
•learn the topic by enjoying.

FIRST STEP : We will inform our students about the subject, use our PPT about our topic and distribute handouts.
PPT : The product part of the grammar will take place in company with sound effects and pictures.
HANDOUT : There will be summary of the topic on them. It will help students to follow the lesson and revise it at home.

SECOND STEP : We are going to write our own story and exercise it with students. There will be gaps in the story. Both we will make the students fill in the blanks and complete the story(There will be a sentence at the bottom of each handout. Students will change the sentences into direct or indirect speech and fill the blanks.)

THIRD STEP : Not ready yet. Coming soon…

elburracq said...

At the beginning of this class we will start with a slide show which every defining word included in it and that will show the students shortly what we are gonna do during this class.We will tell them the usage of the defining words.While we are doing this we will give samples and let them do and support with the clues about the topic.

After introducing the topic with a slide show we will use contexts which are kind a get attention from students.And they also more understandable than the telling the topic with rule.At least the student does not get bored.
We will give them worksheets and they can apply what we showed them.For instance:In the worksheet we will give them 3 or more than 3 sentence and we will want them to make it only one sentence.While they are doing that we will check also and help them to make everything correct.After that we will evaluate the papers.Than we will see where we made mistake and correct them.

We all gonna read a text which includes lots of defining word in it and we will analyze every defining word one by one.

At the end of class we will play a game in which we create very very long sentences by using defining words.That will also be a kind of competition between students.They have limited time to do that exercise.And we will end up class by summarizing what we have done during class.

Group Name:clickonus
#3231070056 Gökhan SOYSAL
#3231070071 Burak PUSAT
Topic:Defining Words

Anonymous said...


Firstly,we are going to mention abou Simple Past Tense.Verb formation,time expressions and the use of past tense will be told.This is the product part.For process part as we said, we are going to create a movie.In that movie; we will be a group who is thinking about their past.
Find in that movie, the present will be colorful and the past will be black & white.
For listening and reading part we are going to create an enjoyable and interesting story and will want them to write a story like ours and at the will make a short reviewing of lesson

#3231070023=Hicran KAVALCIOĞLU
#3231070043=Ayşegül KUTLU
#3231070044=Gizem KANGAL
#3231070055=Gülçin TİRELİOĞLU

Anonymous said...

#3231070033 Selnur TOKSOY
#3231070051 Fulya Lisa NEUBERT
#3231070069 Nteniz CHATZICHALIL

Introduction: First of all we will have an introduction to prepositions. We will explain what preposition is, and where, why it is used.

Pictures: We will have simple pictures which beginner level students can easily get. And below them we will write sentences in which prepositions are used. Prepositions will be written bold so that students can identify them.

Song: We will have a song in which prepositions are used, but prepositions won't be written. The students will fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions while listening.

Exercises: We will have a game in which they will match the pictures with the prepositions.

Anonymous said...

the first thing that we are going to do is explaining superlatives and comparatives giving grammatical explanations. Then we will prepare a slide show which includes pictures and examples as an exercise. By doing this we aim to make the learners understand the topic totally. Secondly we will create a reading passage this passage will include some blanks and we will want the learners to fill the blanks correctly using the superlatives and comparatives in a limited time. Thirdly we will have listening part which is related to reading part. So that learners will have a chance to check their answers and also this activity will help them to improve their pronunciation skills. Lastly we will add an activity part. In this part there will be a puzzle consisting of irregular adj. such as ‘badworst’ and a song or lyric.

Anonymous said...

group:biz are bees
sevil ide
elifnur bozer
büşra kaya

Anonymous said...

First of all,we give some basic informations about passive voices and the necessity of its usage.Due to the fact that the context should be for pre-intermediate learners,we'll tell the structure of the subject basicly and use methaphors.we'll benefit from slide shows in order to make it more visual.Then we'll hang out the journals that we'll prepare according to daily news and passive voices.After the distribution we'll comment on news and talk about the reasons of using that grammatical structures.At the end of the lesson,as an activity,we'll choose an object and create some sentences in passive voices which describe the object.We'll distibute the sentences to the children.Meanwhile we will have chosen one of them.Each will read his own sentence.And the chosen student will try to guess the will go on like this.By the way,it's possible to get them to write their own passive sentences about an object they want,so they can play their own play with their own object.Maybe we'll have a surprise,an imaginary character far away from Turkey!!!Who knows!

Anonymous said...

GROUP NAME: famşly guys
#3231070057 Ezgi BEKTAŞ
#3231070035 M.Özgğr KURAL
#3231070011 Ece ÜNAL


What we will do is to be mainly teaching so our aim is to make students gain the knowledge of quantifiers and use them efficintly. Therefore the firs step will be explaining quantifiers simply.We will continue with some examples to make students see the quantifiers in sentences and backing them uo with pictures.Visuality is such an excellent supporter that it helps pupils not forgetting when they see these funny pictures even once. For instance we will show some pictures and in this pic there will be 15-20 strawberries.under this pic we will write"there are many strawberries on the plate".And then a video in which a mother gives instuctions to her little daughter to make a cake take place in our project.For example mum tells" put the bowl lots suger and some oli so our cake will be much more sweety".We will also add some exercises in which pupils can include in the process.These are going to be "fill in the blanks" exercises leading them thinking and deciding which quantifier should be used in which situation.

Anonymous said...

3265050009-Dilek YILMAZ
3231070049-Gözde DAĞLI
3231060077-Emine SECHKINA

TOPIC:Simple Present Tense

We have a character named DO which is a baby kangoroo.It has a band ES on it.It will be a slide about DO's life.It will introduce the topic and explain the present simple tense.It will give the situations of the tense.Learners will have an opnion about usage of it.They will be aware of usage of that tense.It will be a slide and baby kangaroo will move and speak.Learners will pay attetion to active lecture.

There will be questions which have three choices on baloons.Students will click on them to find the correct answer.If he choices false answer ,kangoroo will be upset and learner will hear a sound of failure.If he choices correct answer, kangoroo will be happy and student will hear sound of winning.

Kangoroo will show pictures and ask to put them in a correct order.Learners will speak about the story by using the present simple tense and learners will complete the end of the story.

Baby kangoroo DO will tell a story by using simple present tense.learners will pay attention and listen carefully.While they are listening they will draw the picture of the story what they understand.This exercise will develop students' creativity and art skills.


Baby kangoroo DO will sing a song which is about the topic.

Anonymous said...

First of all,we will introduce the topic with an introduction part.Then you will see a story which is supported by pictures.These pictures will have dialogs which are taken from real life.At the end of the story, there will be comrehension questions about the story(it may be test,we are not sure yet).Another thing that we will prepare is the listening part which includes a song.Again there will be an exercise related to listening.In that exercise our students will try to find out missing words.Lastly, there will be a puzzle.With the help of this puzzle, they will learn the topic effectively and enjoy learning..
Group Whyouwe:
*selim özbay
*emine arslan
*demet okyay

Anonymous said...


Fırat Özkanlı:3231070032
Gamze Ekmekçioğlu:3231070007
ismail kalkan:3231070017



a)-SLAYT SHOW=we plan to design our slayts with vivid pictures in addition to rules to tell the gramatical part of our subject which will constiute the product for students and help them to fulfill progressive and contextual part of grammer.Furthermore,at the end of the slayt we plan to show idioms and proverbs in which relative clauses re used.

b)-STORY TELLİNG=In the story we gonna tell the dream of a child and his adventures on an island.Of course there are hints in this story to find out using your mınd and relative clauses.
=2.STORY TELLİNG=Another contextual story is gonna be told however,this time student will be active and try to find out hints related to relative clauses.

After telling stories our wish is to make students use their creativity and stay away from only rules so, we aim to give pictures randomly and want students make a story by using pictures and of course relative clauses to combine sentences in a smart way.

4-VİDEO =This video is gonna include a theatre we will play.We hope to tell relative clauses with a play which is still under construction.Additionlay,funny songs for kids and listening parts will be added after video

5-Exercises=In this part we plan to give sentences and relative pronouns randomly and some pictures pointing out relative pronouns especially and we will want students to make logical sentences by usıng relative clauses and pictures together.Furthermore,we plan to give a text with a picture above it and make them listen to it.After that,we help them to find out relative clauses in the text with the help of Picture.Finally,we will try to make short sentences including relatives with children by looking a complex Picture which we will prepare.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

TOPIC:Present Perfect Tense

#3231070001 Merve BAYIR
#3231070010 Gizem KESKİN
#3231070060 Ekinsu EMİR

First of all,before we tell the tense,we will show a story in which present perfect tense is used.We’ll change the’’have+V3’’part.After students read the story,we ‘ll ask whether they understand or not.Then,we’ll show the same story in simple past tense form instead of present perfect tense form.After that we’ll again ask and they will be getting confused about this tense.So we’ll begin to tell the subject.
-In the beginnig,we’ll explain the reason why we use present perfect tense, how and where to use this tense.This tense is used to express an event that has just happened and its effects are still visible.Morever,in Turkish,there is no present perfect tense,so it’s difficult to teach this grammar point and students often confuse it with simple past tense.Because they are not familiar with this structure.So,we’ll explain the differences between present perfect and past tenses in order to teach this subject effectively and give some examples that can help students understand present perfect tense.Then,we’ll clarify this subject with a table that shows the relationship between present perfect and past tense.
-After that,we’ll visualize this grammar points as an activity and write some subjects,objects,verbs and helping verb on the cartons.(these ‘ll have been done before the lesson.)In the lesson,we ‘ll write some effects of the sentences we wrote on the cartons on the board.Then,we’ll want students to set up meaningful sentences according to the given words.
-As an another activity,we’ll write some verbs on cards and distribute these cards to the students so that they’ll set up present perfect sentences by using the third version of the given verbs on the cards.
-Second activity;again one volunteer student from the classroom comes, then she goes out.After a while , when she comes, the teacher says ‘’She has come.’’ .If she came two days ago,we wolud use the simple past tense.’’She came two days ago.’’
-We will watch a short video with students about the present perfect tense,then discuss about what are the usage of these sentences.
-The students will listen the song including many present perfect tenses in it and they will learn while enjoying themselves.

Anonymous said...

TOPİC:Present Continuous Tense
#3231070002 Tuğba Aydın
#3231070008 Tuğçe Aydın
#3231070020 Fatma Temir
First of all,we will explain the meaning of the word present continuous tense.secondly,we will give our topic in a visual dialogue with a video.Then we will tell the grammatical structure with an-ing caricature and we will examine the sentences which are related to the topic in our dialogues.When we present the topic to the class we benefit from the puppets.after that,we will give exercises which include pictures and gaps to be filled by students in order to show the difference between simple present and present continuous tense .at the end, we will finalize the lesson with songs which have present contiuous tense .while the students are listening them they can follow the lyrics of the songs.

Anonymous said...

#3231070003 Fatmagül Dalgün
#3231070014 Esra Çıtak
#3231070027 Songül Oğuz
#3231070039 Gamze Yaman
We will teach naming nouns,verbs,adjectives and numbers in an enjoyable way.We think that a foreign language should be thought to the learners of level one-two with cartoons,animations,games etc.At first,we will explain what a noun,an adjective,a verb and number is and support these with slaytshows one by one.After the subjects are completely explained and learned,we will make the learners practise on their owns on slayts.At the end of the studying time,we have a suprise for our learners:))

Anonymous said...

Topic:Demonstrative Pronouns

3231070025 Mevlüde Taruk
3231070009 Derya Yurtseven
3231070061 Burcu Ergül

We will explain the basic usage of demonstrative pronoun giving examples with pictures then we will write some cotexts by creating story or giving examples about demonstrative pronouns.We will present a few games which can be played with groups and suggest these games so that they can play themselves later. We will make some enjoyable puzzles.We will create worksheets and give blanks in order to e filled by the students.We will present the pronunciation of the demonstrative pronouns and some jokes.

Anonymous said...

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